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Running Ambassador Hanno Rheineck in North Korea

Germany's 101 countries runner Hanno Rheineck took part in Mangyongdae's Sportfestival and Marathon. He paricipated in the international 10 k race in the Northkorean Capital Pjoengjang. 100.000 spactators created the atmosphere in Kim Il-sung Stadiun right at the start.
"It was incredible to feel this kind of spirit - never in my life before nearly the whole city was attending to support us runners."
Photo: Jean-Pierre Mvuyekure ( Ruanda) and Hanno Rheineck

Balkan Cross-Country Championships 2014 - my personal story

050_r Strange, but if I ask myself where do I feel like home, the answer is not an exact spot, place or city but “in The Balkans”. Sometimes in Serbia, other times in Greece. Last autumn I was “home” in Zagreb. Perhaps the fact that I was born on the shores of Black Sea makes the sea feel like home for me. Also in Bulgaria.

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