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First EMATO Seminar of the European Masters Athletics in Yutz (France)

Under the leadership of Technical Manager Jean Marcel Martin (ITO) and Helena Maria Pires de Carvalho (ITO) eight International Judges from four different countries take the chance to receive their Certificate of European Masters Athletics Technical Official.
In the coming up EMA Championships EMATOs will assist and advice the local organizing committees and make sure that the rules of Masters Athletics will be followed.
Because of the last years experience EMA prepared this project to create guidelines for future seminars.

EA Convention - Golden Tracks 2014 in Baku, Azerbaijan

golden_tracks_baku_-_2014_r In October 10-11, 2014 the European Athletics organized annual Convention Meeting, which has been hold in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the meetings attending the European member federations and was designed to better support athletics between federations and European Athletics Council and also offering opportunities for educations, networking and socializing along with the formal meetings and calendar planning activities.

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