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Balkan Cross-Country Championships 2014 - my personal story

050_r Strange, but if I ask myself where do I feel like home, the answer is not an exact spot, place or city but “in The Balkans”. Sometimes in Serbia, other times in Greece. Last autumn I was “home” in Zagreb. Perhaps the fact that I was born on the shores of Black Sea makes the sea feel like home for me. Also in Bulgaria.

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Lisbon (Portugal) will host EVACNS 2016

During the World Indoor Championships in Budapest EVAA Council had the opportunity to decide for the Non-Stadia Championship 2016. Until the annual meeting of the Council only the Portuguese Federation sent a bidding. Alexandre Monteiro (President of the Portuguese masters) presented the city of Lisbon as the host city. EVAA Council unanimously voted for this candidate because they worked hard on the bidding. Runners and Walkers are welcome to be part of the championship in 2016 in Lisbon, the most western European capital. dscn6309_r



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